Arizona Trail Segment


During spring break, we got to go to Payson for a day trip. A lot of the roads to trails were closed, but we managed to find this awesome trail. It's across the highway from the ranger's station up on the rim, and you drive about a mile on the dirt road until you see the hiking symbol where the trail crosses the road. (If you would like more detailed instructions, just comment below!) We just took it from there. It's a little segment of the Arizona Trail (which in total is about 800 miles). It was nice to get away and to even see a bit of snow. Hopefully one day, we'll be able to check out the rest of the trail, even if in sections. Hope you enjoyed your spring break! -B&R



We had the chance to have a quick getaway last weekend. We visited our friends up in Flagstaff, and enjoyed a lovely hike. Just wanted to share a few photos I thought were cute of us. Hope your week is starting off great!


West Fork Hike

Greeting our sixth year of matrimony with a hike at West Fork, Sedona, Arizona. Life has been so lovely and fun being married to my cutie.


Big Sur

Big Sur Highway 1 foggy cliffsBig Sur Highway 1 foggy hillsBig Sur camping at Pfeiffer State Park #billyrachelroseBig Sur camping Pfeiffer State Park #billyrachelroseBig Sur camping Pfeiffer State Park #billyrachelroseBig Sur Pfeiffer State Park ocean cliffs #billyrachelroseBig Sur Pfeiffer State Park ocean waterfall #billyrachelroseBig Sur pfeiffer state park ocean waterfallBig Sur Pfeiffer State Park ocean waterfall #billyrachelroseBig Sur pfeiffer state park ocean red sea weed kelp bedsBig Sur pfeiffer state park ocean cliffs wavesBig Sur pfeiffer state park ocean crab tide poolsBig Sur ocean hike rocky shore beach tide poolsbig sur hwy 1 driving cliffs beach viewBig Sur pfeiffer state park camping fire ringslow train coffee campingbig sur camping slow train coffee roaster big sur walkway hidden hike tide poolsbig sur ocean view drive highway 1 sea kelp bedsbig sur hiking pfeiffer state park

Big Sur is one of the greatest places I've been. 
We just got back from camping there, fulfilling a wish of a moody teenager from ages past. I had driven through in the early 2000s in the back of my parent's van, while reading Morrissey and Marr, A Severed Alliance and was struck by the beauty around me. I couldn't believe a place like that existed in California where in my mind it only consisted of busy cities and fake landscaping.

When I got back to school in the Fall, I found a book by accident, called Big Sur. I wasn't really aware of it's surrounding hype from the 60s but I really loved it, and ever since have wanted to stay in a little cabin in the wooded sea shore. Of course I didn't find a desolate little cabin to stay in this time around, but camping was an excellent substitute.

Hwy 1 is spectacular. We loved the winding, narrow road. Approaching Big Sur, fog began encroaching on us over the mountain ridges. The evergreens began popping up in patches, and sandy coves with fat-bodied sea lions would give us a sneaky glance every once-in-awhile too.

It's just a perfect place to be. For us, it warmed our souls, and it felt like we had come to a place of renewal. The excitement of seeing new things and exploration lying ahead lended us to feeling like spoiled little children.

So go. We have recommendations for camp sites, hiking, and views. If you need help planning, leave me a comment below!

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"Better Food, Better Life" — Jamie Oliver

A tribute to chef and entrepreneur, Jamie Oliver. Design and Illustration by Rachel Rose, 2015.


Lantern Festival Banners

A few drafts of the project I'm working on. Created for a web banner leaderboard application. We all liked different ones. I like the last one. Billy likes the 2nd one, my classmates like the 2nd and 3rd one, my teacher likes the 1st one. Ah! It's crazy how many perspectives there are for one design.

Font List:
Couture Bold
Champagne and Limousines