Our Tiny Coolest Home


Our Sweet Space. We'll really miss you
We love our tiny home. Last August we moved into this remodeled apartment in downtown Prescott, Arizona. The property owners / management were acquaintances of ours and soon to be friends. They took a year to re-do this flat through much blood, sweat, and tears. From taking down plaster walls to expose the beautiful brick, taking out old blue shag carpet to expose the beautiful hardwood floors beneath, remodeling the kitchen completely and giving it stainless steel finishes, and painting with just the right hues to make this place shine. We will be moving to the Phoenix area within the month and are very sad to say goodbye to this treasure. I wanted to take some photos to show off our cute little place, but to also document a home that inspired us and facilitated great memories.
Thanks Chelsea (Steve and Dylan too!)

Update: Thank you Apartment Therapy for featuring our little home! To see post: Rachel's Mountain View Studio Also for those of you who have sent inquiries, the space is already rented out after we leave. Thank you!


  1. Thanks for the tour Rachel! I love it!! Your kitchen reminds me of Julie's in Julie & Julia.♥ .....Lisa R

  2. I have been hoping you would do a post like this! Any pictures you've posted of your place have been teases. It is lovely and definitely cool- so you both.

    1. Aww thanks Marah! It is such a cute place - wish I could bring it everywhere with us. haha. You're so sweet, and I definitely miss you!!